Best Kodi PPV addons

Watching PPV (Pay Per View) occasions can be quite tricky at times. Many high-profile sports events have turned into media

streaming solutions, where you want to pay to see them. This means having access to this service and using a stable Internet

connection as well. On top of that, we have seen streaming services using a hard time keeping their servers online as a result of

high demand. This is why a lot of us are turning to alternatives. As you surely know, Kodi is a highly intriguing application that

can tune into websites streaming too. Thus, let's see how to see PPV on Kodi.

To watch Pay Per View on Kodi, you have to meet three requirements. We are going to explain this from scratch, in the event

you don't have any experience using this home theater computer software.

1. You have to have a broadband Internet link. This particularly applies to streaming in HD, and of course 4K resolutions.

Generally, make sure that your link has a bandwidth of 15 Mbps at least;

2. Next, you want to install Kodi in your favorite device. This program works with computers, smartphones, tablets, and smart

TVs. For more information on how best to set up Kodi, we recommend reading our Ultimate Guide on Kodi.

3. Eventually, you have to install third-party addons within Kodi. This implies having to understand which addons operate, and which of these are the best PPV Kodi addons. As you can imagine, this article can allow you to get to understand just that.

Ultimately, we'll jump to what you have been waiting for. We're going to clarify what would be the best five addons for

pay-per-view occasions. Keep on reading and find out how to watch PPV on Kodi, the easy way.

Earth MMA

If you're into mixed martial articles or the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), then we have a real treat for you. Planet MMA

is one of the greatest sports addons at the moment, covering nearly anything related to MMA and UFC.

Upon launching this addon, you will see a grid of different content categories. There are more than 30 classes of writing this

article, at the present time. But, you could also tune to PPV programming as well.

We recommend using a Debrid account, to ensure the functionality. This service optimizes your internet connection and utilizes

fast-performing servers. The final result is a smooth media streaming, even with PPV events. To make this connection happen, click

the 'Actual Debrid Login' on the Home screen of the addon.

To learn more about this interesting addon, read our installation guide on Planet MMA.

Rising Tides

We have Rising Tides. Though it's not in the best possible form, it still manages to provide plenty of interesting content.

When you launch this specific addon, you will see numerous different categories. It is possible to watch live sports stations, as

well as other kinds of TV stations from all around the globe. But, we are talking about PPV events in this report. As you'll

notice, Rising Tides has a dedicated class referred to as 'Live PPV Events'. On you open it, you will see the most trending

occasions, in addition to any upcoming events too. Just like with other Kodi addons, we recommend opening a connection 30 minutes

prior to the event begins. This will allow you to 'take your seat' and optimize your internet connection on time.

If you would like to find out further, we recommend reading our complete Rising Tides review, where you'll find the required


Fight Tube

This is a really interesting addon that somehow manages to bring lots of special content. We've discovered it only recently, and

it's become one of our favorite Kodi addons in a very short time.

The Home screen of Fight Tube shows a very long list of different content categories. Though this huge record can be somewhat

difficult to navigate (particularly due its orange color), it presents a list of unique sports. There is not a dedicated PPV

class, but you are going to see some other interesting classes. By way of example, this is where you can find Showtime Sports and

HBO Boxing. In many cases, this is where you will find replays of all PPV events whenever they hit the internet.

If you're prepared to try this addon out, here is our setup guide for Fight Tube.

Maverick TV

As you can tell by its title, this addon is all about live TV programming and on-demand video. You get to watch hundreds of

popular TV stations, well organized into sections that are appropriate.

If it comes to PPV, you have several options as there's no dedicated section. For example, Maverick Live Sports is a fascinating

category. However, you have to know that websites streaming service supports a particular IPTV occasion and find that link inside

the addon. It is not the most intuitive approach to locate content, but this is something we simply have to take care of. The

'Live Games' is the best bet as it's updated on daily basis. The chances are you will discover an occasion on this listing -- but

be sure that you open it until the event starts.

Check out our Maverick TV review, where you'll discover all you have to learn about this amazing addon.

Additional Resources: What's Next?

So, now you understand how to see PPV on Kodi. Still, there are lots of other amazing addons you have to try. Therefore, we've

prepared a few interesting articles which you will find on TechNadu. Have a look.

These often host pay-per-view events too;If you are interested in other types of sport, here are the best boxing addons, in

Addition to addons around WWE, UFC, and MLB;Final Thoughts

There you have it, people! We really hope that this article managed to help you to locate the best PPV addons. In the event of

additional questions or suggestions, use the remarks section located below.

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